Citrix Sharefile Review

Citrix Sharefile

Citrix ShareFile remains a premium tool for securely sharing files with everyone you work with. Check out Citrix ShareFile review below.

The Main Tasks of Citrix ShareFile

Today the number of communication tools is constantly growing. At the first level of communication integration in the company, various specialists cross-function in order to plan and consolidate in the field of communications. For the successful operation of the enterprise, quick access to information is required. It involves file sharing on any device. At the same time, the file-sharing solution must be secure and easy to integrate with existing technologies and applications. If, in addition, a high level of user experience is not ensured, employees will be uncomfortable working with the file-sharing platform.

With Citrix ShareFile and its mobile app, you can do the following tasks:

  • Editing files.
  • Work with files sent by mail and via Gmail.
  • Consulting on acquisitions from debt and capital funding sources.
  • Assistance in negotiations with owners/managers of target companies.

Citrix ShareFile usually represents the interests of one of the parties involved and provides support to the client at every stage of the process. In contrast, a number of companies (brokers) mediate between the parties involved and, as a rule, receive remuneration from each of the parties. Their efforts are mainly focused on establishing contacts and are limited in most cases to transactions of low value and local nature.

Thus, Citrix Sharefile is important in any business. There is tremendous potential for entrepreneurs to attract as many customers as possible, increase sales, promote products, and achieve other positive results when properly applied social media marketing techniques.

What ARe Citrix ShareFile Pricing and Its Main Features?

Citrix Sharefile Pricing depends on the plan used. ShareFile premium costs $ 122 per month for 5 users while FileCloud Online costs just $ 75 per month for 5 users. ShareFile offers unlimited free client accounts to share files with external customers, vendors, and partners. For 100 users, FileCloud Online can save over $ 11,000 when compared to ShareFile.

It should be noted that with the increasing role of information technology among consumers, market development depends mainly on buyers. Citrix Sharefile includes the next features as well:

  1. Unlimited file sharing. Send documents, files, and folders of any size quickly and easily. No more messing around with FTP, CDs, and flash drives.
  2. Business-class security and reliability. Keep your customer and corporate information safe with bank-grade encryption and dozens of configurable security options.
  3. Simplified folder templates. Create a set of default subfolders that you can add to new or existing folders in your account. This allows you to quickly set up new clients and access frequently used folders.
  4. Remote removal. Lock and delete Citrix ShareFile data from any lost or stolen device, keeping your data safe under any circumstance.
  5. Better control and presentation of data. Set up expiration dates for files and receive notifications when files are received.
  6. Access at any time. Access client files from anywhere from any computer or mobile device.

Besides, the Citrix Sharefile does not exclude high material costs, the reason for which, most often, is the unfair attitude of representatives of the organizational departments, who use their own official position and use the funds invested by the management for other purposes. Accordingly, in any business, especially at the first stage of development, strict control is required on the part of the founding staff. Otherwise, the risks of a decline in the asset price policy are high.