IMG_6902Every year, the largest automotive aftermarket trade show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The keys to success with SEMA is not just to show up and tell people about your product, while that is important of course, but to make the most of every single piece of the show you can. Videos before, during, and after SEMA, showing your project or product and using SEMA to co-promote. Not only that but keep in mind Press Releases are still an important function of print and online media websites. Additionally, consider promotional items that will cause a buzz and increase the likelihood someone will be talking about your business after the show. Incorporate social media into your display with hashtags and capture additional eyes that way by encouraging people to take photos and tag your company in them for social media.

SEMA is much more than just a trade show, it is a vast marketing opportunity to present a clear and consistent message to your target audience. Think bigger than just a great trade show booth.